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purple ropes bind the wrists of nude bondage model 22 year-old brunette Joanna Marie and a steel chain is draped across her shoulder in this bondage photograph by D. Hudson of NYC

Bondage and S&M Central:

Masters and their pretty sex-slave girls in solo, straight, and lesbian BDSM sex action seen in high quality bondage and s&m photos and videos by NYC fetish photographer D. Hudson.

Along with a number of other currencies paid by credit card, I am pleased to announce that you can now purchase a non-recurring membership to this site with Bitcoin.

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I am D. Hudson, NYC professional photographer of fetish, fashion, and fine art: Lively action in numerous fetish genres. All the photos and videos on here are my work; I own and maintain this site.

I delight in binding pretty girls tightly. While I usually prefer ropes of various colors, when I need a girl restrained quickly I will use a pair of handcuffs or shackles or chains and padlocks; duct tape also works well. I find it a great pastime to attach clothespins and clamps to their delicate bits and paddle their asses red. I particularly enjoy paddling a girl's ass red then fucking her from behind, especially anal and I definitely enjoy pussy taken from behind with a warm red ass from my paddling. It's still great to make their breasts and ass red regardless, particularly since the girls I use here all enjoy their role as an SM bottom.

With some girls, I have the liberty to have my way with them and use them fully. This is the ultimate exercise of control, for though they have consented to sex in advance they have no control over what, when or how they are used.

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